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Construction Nets that Make a Difference

At Nets That Work, we specialize in supplying our revolutionary horizontal protective net system. What makes our construction nets so unique is that we attach them to aluminum I-Beams, which are then connected to the building in question. This complete system raises through the use of a manual hosting device and is easily operated by only one or two workers. Because of its lightweight and manageable components, our product eliminates hoist or crane time.

Delivering Reliable Results

Why work with us when you need dependable nets?

We Offer:

Nets That Save Lives — Our horizontal protective nets extend 15 feet from the building and protect workers above and below the net as well as pedestrians who can be struck by falling debris or material. Horizontal nets also save money. Costs can be recouped by reduced insurance premiums.

Nets That Catch — Strong materials stop falling lumber, concrete, hammers, soda cans, and more. Our nets have surpassed ANSI requirements. On several occasions, they have caught in excess of 1200 lbs. of reshores that fell into our system.

Nets That Protect — From workers to pedestrians, to adjacent properties and your peace of mind, we offer superior protection every time. At 15 feet, our nets extend further than most systems and do not interfere with stripping or pouring and because there is no need for a second net system — you're not left unprotected for even a second.

Nets That Wreck — During demolition, our system can be modified to carry vertical netting (canvas or plastic) to contain debris on two or three floors. Used in conjunction with our horizontal nets we can offer a full ninety degrees of protection.

Nets That Sell — Give us your company's banner and we will hang it from our systems, to suit the size and shape of your advertising needs. As the project progresses, your banner can travel under our nets, showcasing your company name, rental information, and logo.

Nets That Travel — We're packed and ready to send complete systems along with personnel to install the nets or supervise your employees. Our system is not only easy to operate, but it's easy to learn.

Nets That Adapt — Our engineers are capable of designing a protective net system to meet your needs.

In short, we make nets that work. Our team takes care of everything you require to safely complete your project, anywhere in the world. Whether you need an outrigger system for bridge use or find yourself replacing sidewalk bridges, let us provide you with nets that do more for your money.