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New York City streets have been much safer in the last 30 years. The reason for this isn't just because of a reduction in crime. It's also because of local law 61. This piece of legislation maintains that a system of horizontal nets must stick out from buildings, two floors under the stripping floor in order to catch debris before it can fall to the street and endanger pedestrians. At Nets That Work, our mission is providing those systems with a focus on absolute safety. Our building nets are the best choice for any large-scale construction project.


"Dear Bob, As a "Safety Professional" in the Construction Industry with first hand knowledge of netting systems, I have found NETS THAT WORK to be the leader in innovative and "state of the art" technology for net systems. Your net systems have proven that they indeed work as prescribed. Their performance in strength and durability and structured integrity far and away exceed ANSI Standards. I shall continue to plaudit your group."
—Tony Raimo, President, CSE Consultants

"Delta Testing Laboratories has been performing pull tests on strands of nets supplied by Nets That Work since 1996. We have found their nets to be properly maintained, and consistently conform to the required specifications."
—David Kestenbaum, Delta Testing Laboratories, Inc.

Solutions that Fit Your Needs

Because efficient construction involves pouring concrete at a rate of more than two floors per week, you need a building net manufacturer with products that can move just as quickly. Our systems do just that: one or two workers can raise the entire thing up one floor in a single day. The labor savings we provide have made us the go-to for almost all the netting in New York since 1990.

We rent the equipment, and our people do all the necessary installation, maintenance, and removal. Of course, the net system works equally well all over the country, and we have already rented and shipped systems to customers in Miami, Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, and Hawaii. If you're not local and still want the best protection, we will send a supervisor to teach your personnel about our products. In one or two days, your crew will become experts in our system's operation — it's that simple.

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In addition to our patented horizontal net system, we also do stationary systems, demolition, bridges, railroad bridges, playgrounds, and virtually anything you can imagine. We also sell the black horizontal protective nets as well as the orange vertical nets that keep debris from blowing off the edge of a high-rise.

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